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Stamp collectors must pay attention to the tiniest details

George Washington has appeared on more U.S. postal stamps than anyone. Franklin D. Roosevelt was an ardent stamp collector.In honor of Presidents Day, and the 75th anniversary of the Salem Stamp Society, I did a bit of research on philately, the collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks and stamped envelopes.Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most famous stamp collectors in U.S. history. He sketched the original designs of many of the stamps that were issued during his presidency (1933-45).Philately has fascinated everyone from royalty (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Rainier III) to rock stars (John Lennon and Freddie Mercury).The American Philatelic Society estimates there are more than 5 million stamp collectors nationwide, and lists more than 500 chapters on its Web site.Salem Stamp Society is one of eight active chapters in Oregon. The club was founded in 1933, and today has about 70 members. They may not be famous, but they are just as passionate about their postage port…

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