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Inpex 2008 at Chennai

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, A Raja
inaugurated the 7th National Philatelic Exhibition organized by India
Post on January 2, 2008 at Chennai. Raja also released a set of 4
postage stamps featuring Endemic Butterflies of Andaman & Nicobar
Islands and a book `1857 Through Indian Postage Stamps' at the
inaugural function.
There were 350 exhibits in 1298 frames on display in 12 classes. For
some strange reason Modern Philately, Frugal Philately, and Social
Philately Classes which need to be promoted, were excluded in this
show. Reconfirming the trend the world over there were 94 exhibits in
Thematic Philately Class including 32 in Indian Themes subclass. There
were 50 exhibits in One Frame Class and 80% in these were also
Thematic. The organizers made special efforts to get 105 exhibits in
Youth class including 13 in School Collections subclass. However
majority of these were from Tamil Nadu only and most were unqualified
for participation at the national level. The…