my visit to cooch behar and raiganj

last week of january and on the second week of february i was at cooch behar and raiganj stamp exhibition representing my state Sikkim. it was a nice experience visiting new place. we were inducted in a invitee class.i never pl;anned one day i would be visiting the cooch behar palace. the palace was really beautiful but my sentiments was hurt where in one of the museum room i found that there was a mask of Mount Kanchenjunga referred as demon. out here is Sikkim, Mt Kanchenjunga is worshiped as guardian diety and to see the diety told as demon to the visitors was not at all pleasant moment for me.
out at Raiganj..i really like the response of the department people in arranging the philatelic occassion. a strange incident happenned when the people out there was very curious to see that there was someone from Sikkim in their town. i felt as if i was an orrangutum in a zoo. i could not help myself from hiding from the eyes of the curious people of raiganj when they found me of a different planet among them. but i liked their hospitality. Met a new friend in Nilotpal Sarkar there.


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